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What's the $5 challenge ?

I started the podcast back in August 2021. It's been running for 9 months now. During that period, I have featured some incredible guests that have informed listeners of the show by sharing the other side of the story. The side that the mainstream media intentionally suppress. Guests such as Dr. Peter McCullough (Twice), David Icke, Dr. Ben Tapper, Senator Malcolm Roberts (Twice), George Christensen (Twice), Dr. Bradley Campbell, Dr. Jospeh Yi plus many other incredible people.


Due to those reasons, I don't receive the financial support that other podcasts do. The Primodcast has spent many weeks as the number one news podcast in Australia. It's consistently in the top 50 and gets more streams than other mainstream shows.

Despite this, I rely entirely on your generosity to keep the show going and growing. As time has gone on, I'm receiving feedback from people that were on the other side. They listen to the show and are forming new opinions on what's actually transpiring.

This is a fight of Good Vs Evil.


I'm humbly asking anybody that listens to the show to donate just $5 to ensure the show continues and moves onto bigger and better things. The podcast has been a shining light for a lot of people.

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Thank you for your donation!

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