As many of you know, I started The Primodcast back in August 2021 to give everyone the opportunity to speak openly without the fear of censorship. The podcast has been streamed millions of times and has been crucial to the fight against the agenda. 

I have featured some incredible guests, such as: Dr. Peter McCullough, David Icke, Dr. Ben Tapper, Professor Mattias Desmet, Tyson Illingworth, Senator Malcolm Roberts, Chef Pete Evans, Dr. Bradley Campbell, Dr, Joseph Yi, Senator Gerrard Rennick, George Christensen, Campbell Newman, Matt Fox, Bobby Sauce, Andy Anderson, Mason Taylor plus many other incredible guests.

Due to the fact that the show goes against the agenda, I don't have the luxury of ongoing sponsorships. I rely entirely on your generosity to keep the show and my work going.

It doesn't matter whether it's $1 or $100,

I appreciate it greatly.

Thank you Tribe


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