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The mass vaccination of children is the number one public health emergency right now


Australia has secured more than 5 million doses for the rollout to younger kids.

About 4.6 million of these will be for the 2.3 million children aged five to 11, who are likely to have two jabs, and about 800,000 doses for children aged zero to four, who are likely to get one dose of the experimental gene therapy.

Healthy children are at low risk from COVID-19 yet face known and unknown risks from COVID-19 vaccines. Not-so-rare, and very serious, adverse events and deaths are being reported to monitoring systems around the world. Official guidance is updated as the side-effects become more apparent.

Giving COVID-19 vaccines to healthy children to protect adults is unethical and unjustifiable. The Australian Government has an ethical duty to act with caution and proportionality.

A risk vs benefit calculation does not support giving experimental COVID-19 vaccines , which use mRNA technologies and are still in Phase 3 trials, to healthy children.

Any rollout should not start until trials are complete and all findings are published and peer-reviewed on long-term safety data.

I am working with a group of professionals, including Doctors, professors and a Human rights group to put a stop to the vaccine rollout for 5-11 year-olds. 


The vaccine rollout is expected to commence in January, 2022. 

That's gives us about 2 months.

I will be contacting every MP across Australia, with letters from the Doctors, Professors and Human Rights group, explaining why it is unethical, unnecessary and quite frankly, dangerous, to be injecting our children with this experimental gene therapy.

Your signatures would greatly increase the likelihood that they take action.

Thank you for doing your part!

Please help me continue the work I'm doing.

By donating, you are helping me to cover my running costs and creating opportunities for me to hire more contributors.

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