16-year-old child was arrested…for not wearing a mask.

Surgical masks were first created to prevent health care workers from infecting their patients’ wounds. They weren’t meant to be used by healthy people to slow or stop the spread of viruses.

Nevertheless, after months of flip-flopping and inconsistent messaging, the ruling health-elite — made up of the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci and others — has decided that mandatory masking is key when it comes to stopping the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, this has become so much the case that, on Thursday, a 16-year-old girl was removed from her school in handcuffs for refusing to wear a mask.

Before coming into school on Thursday morning, Grace Smith had already served “two consecutive two-day suspensions” for not complying with her school district’s mask mandate, the Sioux City Journal reported.

Albany County School District’s mandate states that “anyone inside a district building must have his or her face co